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                        and how to overcome this problem

To find the reason behind this failure, I consulted a good number of people – from fresher to experienced professionals, educators and those who have successfully qualified in this exam. Most of them admit that, questions were not unknown to examinees, but the secret of success lies on presentation techniques and time management.

            Educators (some of them are examiners of such examinations in national/state level, and having a lot of experiences of evaluating aspirants for recruitment purpose) indicated towards these things:

a)                          Evaluator wants key words/ key concepts to be highlighted or pointed out so that they can mark them easily, and

b)                          All questions required to be answered (or as many as possible) so that each one could add some value to the grand total,

c)                          Answers to be pinpointed, concise and is not necessary to be grammatically very perfect- as students should pay attention towards answer, not in the language.

d)                          Putting  only key words to express the theme of the script is enough, while forming a complete sentence can take much more time, space and attention towards grammatical aspects of the language (in case of short answer type questions, i.e. 200 word limitations)


It has been seen that some people are very good in some particular portions of the syllabus, but could not cover all areas. We have some ideas to exchange, and all of us have some questions to make clear also. That is why I am giving effort to create this site.

The aim of this site is to:

a)      Bring professional and students of LIS together in this common platform,

b)      Enable them to use this platform to exchange their ideas and knowledge on some particular topics,

c)      Help them to prepare for National level or State Level Eligibility Tests (UGC NET / SLET) and other competitive exams for LIS students,

I am intending to:

a) Collect (my friends recalled them from their memory) and post some questions of different exams,

b) Classify those questions according to the subject and arrange them in different pages (eg. Cataloguing link will lead to the page where catalog related questions will be treated),

c) Answer them as per my ability (following restrictions of those exams),

            d) I have added a guest book in this site for your active participation.

Friends, The success of this website and my plan to bring everybody together will be possible only with your active participation. I request you to come to this site, post your valuable suggestions/comments and answer to those questions through guest book. Please always mention your name and email address. I will soon post them to the related webpage with your name and email address. You can also post your questions and let your friends answer. Thus, through your cooperation, this can be a good resource for students of Library and Information science and aspirants of different recruitment rally.

Every thing will be possible only through your active support. So feel free to post your comments and judgments or if you can remember some questions you faced in some interview/ test.




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                                                                                     Chandan Saha


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